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Get to Know Us
and Our Philosophy



Welcome to Community Network Services – your dedicated partner in empowering individuals experiencing intellectual and developmental disabilities to lead fulfilling lives. At CNS, we specialize in providing Independent Support Coordination, working collaboratively with persons supported and their families to ensure access to essential services that foster well-being both at home and within the community.

Our commitment is rooted in delivering comprehensive support. We guide our persons supported by offering insights into available services, assisting in informed decision-making, and facilitating the planning of service provisions. CNS plays a pivotal role in securing funding for services, navigating alternative resources when traditional options fall short, and identifying natural supports to enhance overall quality of life.

Beyond the practicalities, we believe in the importance of fostering meaningful connections. CNS actively engages adults experiencing disabilities in activities that resonate with their interests, fostering a sense of belonging as valued members of their community. Advocacy is at the core of our mission – we champion a person's rights, ensuring their voices are heard when interfacing with service providers and governmental agencies.

In a significant milestone for CNS in 2023, we proudly joined forces with ISC agencies across the entire state of Tennessee for the TN Strong Families Program. This groundbreaking partnership with DDA and DCS focuses on supporting children experiencing intellectual and developmental disabilities within the foster care system. Our role is to guide and assist these children and their foster families in navigating the TNSF HRA benefits, contributing to the well-being of each child in our care.

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